Browns claim Terrelle Pryor off waivers


Terrelle Pryor during his time at Oakland

The Browns announced that they have successfully claimed QB/WR Terrelle Pryor off the waivers after he was released by Cincinnati. Pryor who had until last week maintained that he was a quarterback only, has decided to change to wide receiver in an effort to stay in the league after being let go for the fifth time. Pryor who has one catch since getting drafted by Oakland in 2011, possess great size and speed to be a wide receiver at 6’4″ and 4.3s 40. The problem for Pryor though will he be able to catch up with the other receivers on the Browns roster? Pryor will have plenty of learning to do before training camp starts on the first of August. For the Browns it was a low risk flyer at a position so even if Pryor struggles they aren’t going to be stung. With such a steep learning curve the best thing for Pryor would be if the Browns or someone else kept him on their practice squad for a year.


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