Biggest surprises of the first round

Every year, a few GMs make some head scratching decisions with who they do and don’t pick. This is year was no different and now I’m going to at a few of them.

Washington passes on Leonard Williams at 5 and picks Brandon Scherff

When Oakland passed on Leonard Williams at 4 to get the guy they wanted all along in Amari Cooper and left him on the board for Washington I was sure that he going onto the stage to meet the commissioner. A front with him and Terrence Knighton would give most running backs sleepless nights. Instead they invested in their o-line and pick Brandon Scherff out of Iowa which felt like a bit of a reach there.

Todd Gurley to the Rams at 10

I knew teams like the Falcons at 8 where considering making a run at Gurley to fix their poor running games but I was not expecting the Rams to take him at 10. The Rams had a pair of nice running backs already in Zac Stacy and Tre Mason and it makes it the fifth time in four years that the Rams have drafted a running back.


Andrus Peat goes at 13 to the Saints

What were they thinking? Peat was a borderline first round player and the Saints make him the top tackle to be picked? I know the media can have different opinions on players to the teams but surely so one must be noticing that Stanford tackles are not all they are cracked up to be. Look at Jonathan Martin and David Yankee. Peat was a reach that the Saints will probably end up regretting.

Colts go wide receiver and pick Philip Dorsett

While I get the Colts think that if they are going to win a Super Bowl it’s gonna be with offense and they reckon that a wide receiver will help them outscore anyone. Yet it missed their biggest need, tackle for a luxury pick. The Colts needed to keep up their franchise quarterback on the field as without Luck on the field they won’t reach the playoffs let alone the Super Bowl.

Malcolm Brown finally picked up at #32

The Patriots replaced former All Pro Vince Wilfork with Malcolm Brown out of Texas. Brown was expected to be selected around the #20 but instead was passed over until Belichick went and got him.


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