Golfing in Shreveport

As of now Johnny Manziel is still in rehab more than two months after he voluntarily entered it, despite the fact that Browns off-season workouts begin in 12 days. Now according to the Shreveport Times Manziel was in allowed go to Shreveport’s 265 golf club for the weekend bit still remains in rehab. The fact that he allowed out for the weekend to meet up with his family and travel across the country can only be seen as encouraging steps in Manziel’s rehab. Manziel most surely have found memories of Shreveport as last time he was there he lead Texas A&M to 59 points. Manziel is no novice either with a single figure handicap.

This all comes days after All Pro LT Joe Thomas said that Manziel lost a lot of credit in his first season but did praise Manziel accepting responsibility for his actions and seeking help saying:

“I think he’s going to have to prove to the team that football is important and being the man, being the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, is important, it is his goal, his single goal in his life,” Thomas said.
“You know, I think he lost probably a lot of trust among the guys on the team last year by the way he handled himself once he became the starter. And I think he had a lot of time to reflect, I’m guessing, after the season was over by the comments he made in the media and by his actions, checking himself into rehab … I think those were really positive steps.
“I’m hoping when we comes back in April we see a new Johnny and everybody’s blown away with his commitment. And I think he’s got the talent, so it’s just a matter of if he commits himself to it, we can have a really good quarterback on our hands.”

Thomas’s words aren’t that much of surprise considering that the rumor is the Browns are 90% ready to move on from Manziel. Either way Manziel golfing trip can only be seen as a positive for his rehab as he tries to turn his career around.


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