Alex Mack to return for April OTAs.

The play was a off tackle run to the right with undrafted rookie Isiaih Crowell picking up  yards as the Browns continued to run riot against the Steelers but all of those were really only side notes as the medical staff rushed onto the field and carted Alex Mack off the field.

The Browns were at 2-2 and were after surprising many with their abilty to run the ball and be a match for anyone. At the centre of all this was Alex Mack. Mack who played with the Browns ever since he had been draft was one of the main reasons the Browns lead the league in rushing yards after 4 games with 146.4 rushing yards per game. Then just things began to take off for the Browns, Mack broke his left fibula and had to sit out the rest of the season. The Browns rushing yards fell to 90.5 and without Mack anchoring the centre of the line the Browns really struggled.

Alex Mack

Now today the Browns announced that Mack was due to return for the April OTAs but wont be expected to return to full drills straight away but rather will be eased into drills. The Browns and Mack are more concerned with getting Mack ready for the first sunday of September rather than rushing him back.


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