Report: Browns offered Jordan Cameron for Percy Harvin

Jordan Cameron

Cameron celebrates catching a touchdown against the Patriots

According to a ProFootballTalk report today prior to when the Seahawks agreed to trade Percy Harvin to the Jets they had an offer from the Browns of a straight up swap of Harvin for Jordan Cameron. Harvin who struggled when he was with the Seahawks both with injuries and with OC Darell Bevell’s lack of creativity and his inability to find a role for him would have been an intriguing piece in an offence that struggled in the passing game as the season went on. An OC as talented as Kyle Shanahan would have surely found plenty of innovative ways to work Harvin in to the game olan. From a Seattle point of view having Cameron would have meant they had a legitimate threat over the middle to compliment their bruising running game. Now though its all just hypothetical with Harvin being sent to the Jets before being cut and signing for the Bills. Meanwhile Jordan Cameron signed with the Dolphins as a free agent on a two year, $15 million deal.

Percy Harvin

Percy Harvin during his time with the Jets


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