Browns to unveil new logo and uniforms

Update – The Browns released their new logos but won’t reveal the new uniforms until just before the NFL draft in Chicago on April 30

There is a Sherwin Williams’s advert that describes the colours the Browns wear burnt orange, seal brown and gunmetal grey and how you can get these and more colours at your local Sherwin Williams. While obviously there is commercialism behind the ad there is a certain sentiment behind it that is shared with most Browns fan. Cleveland is a blue collar city and the Browns uniforms reflect that with the Browns uniforms being one of the few constants in an ever changing league. The team is named after Paul Brown and not the colour but it’s not by chance that they wear the colour in their name either. The only change since the Browns have returned has been the removal of the AL from the sleeve after Jimmy Haslam bought the team off Randy Lerner (the AL was for Lerner’s farther Art). The Browns helmet is unique for being the only one without any logo. Yet all of this going to change come Tuesday.

Jim BrownIsaiah Crowell

50 years apart but very little has changed uniform wise from Jim Brown’s to Isaiah Crowell’s

According to multiple reports, the Browns will unveil new uniforms add a new logo. The uniforms are going to be designed by Nike who have already given a do over to the Dolphins, Jaguars, Seahawks and Vikings uniforms and so far the jury is out on the redesigns. With Jimmy Haslam’s ties to the University of Tennessee as a booster is it fair to assume there will be more orange incorporated into the Browns uniforms with some leaked photos suggesting that the Browns will play in an all-orange strip with a grey trim. As for the logo there is no indication so far as to what it might be although rumours suggest it could be a move towards a bulldog icon to incorporate the Dawg pound. Although of course the joke has been made that a better representation would be to a dumpster on fire as the new logo.The only assurances Jimmy Haslam has given the Browns so far is that there won’t be a logo on the Browns helmet any time soon and that Brownie the elf won’t be making a comeback. Once the Browns maintain a logo less helmet and don’t wear a shade of orange that is toxic looking and manage to maintain some of the brown I think that most fans would be ok with it. Haslam has reportedly gotten assurance off Nike that the jersey would sell regardless.

So far, Jimmy Haslam’s reign as Browns owner has been fairly tumulus with Chudzinski, Banner and Lombardi getting fired, Johnny Manziel, Textgate, the coaching search and Josh Gordon. Although to be fair to him the Browns have made strides under his leadership winning more than 5 games for the first time since 2007 but he still been far from the Art Rooney-like figure he was painted as when he took over. That was before he had the neck to raise the season ticket prices this offseason. The update of the uniforms is a part of large renovation project Haslam is working on with the stadium undergoing the second stage of renovation with the Dawg Pound, club suites and the scoreboards getting upgraded. Rumours suggest the reason Haslam wants to change the uniforms is because he sees the current ones as a “monument to failure” but after losing for all these in brown I think most fans would like to see us win in brown for a while although if this were the catalyst towards a new era of winning I wouldn’t be against it. Just don’t put anything on the helmet. Ever.

Here are leaked photos that have leaked from a Nike source who also leaked info about Jacksonville, Miami, Minnesota and Seattle. Click on the photos below to enlarge them


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