November Games

November is often said to be the most important month of college football as November is when all of the non conference games are gone and the division races are heating up and this year is better than usual as instead of the 4 we usually we have there is 5. The number of notable things so far in the month; we saw Mississippi State lose for the first time, my beloved Buckeyes beat two ranked teams in Michigan State and Minnesota, Notre Dame capitulating horrifically and getting a good idea of who is in the play-off picture.

  • First of the Buckeyes beat reigning B1G 10 champs Michigan State 49-37 in East Lansing to pretty much wrap up the East division and also gave the Buckeyes a signature win of a top ten programme. JT Barrett continued to look impressive since the loss to Virginia Tech and will probably get an invite to go New York as a Heismann finalist this year. The Buckeyes are in sixth at the moment looking in on the rest and really probably needing a loss to get into the play-off although I don’t see Miss State finishing in the top 4 unless Alabama loses again which could happen quite easily against Auburn in the Iron Bowl or in Atlanta in the SEC championship game. The Buckeyes still will probably play a top 15 ranked team in Wisconsin in the B1G Ten title game and it may enough to push it in but its gonna be tough but if the y didn’t make it I couldn’t really have any complaints after they lost to Virginia Tech.


    JT Barrett runs for a Touchdown against Michigan State

  • What’s gonna happen with the QBs next year? I know Braxton Miller will be the fifth year senior coming back from injury but can you really take the job away from JT Barrett after the way he has come in and absolutely dominated since the Virginia Tech game? JT Barrett performed so well that he beat the record for Touchdowns in a season set only last year by Miller. I think its gonna be a hell of a battle in camp and will probably result in time be split between the two in the early non conference games but eventually Urban Meyer is gonna have to make a decision one way or another.

  • Regarding the whole Oregon being ahead of Florida State in the CFP poll its ridiculous. FSU isn’t popular with the public and hasn’t been too impressive in the way it beats people (see Miami and Louisville games) but still undefeated and that trumps all in my books. The Seminoles should be first until the show the aren’t deserving of it. I know people will say it doesn’t make a difference once there in but seeding does matter with opposition and its a lot easier for the Noles to play close to home in the Sugar Bowl, than it is too cross the country and go the Rose Bowl.


    Melvin Gordon hurdling a Nebraska defender on his way to a FBS record 408 yards

  • That boy Melvin Gordon sure can run can’t he? 408 yards in three quarters is pretty sweet for the guy supposed the second best back in this game. Gordon’s record breaking performance helped power the Badgers to 70-29 win over Nebraska which has probably helped to decide the division in Wisconsin’s favour. My favourite statistic was the one that on 7 of Gordon’s run he wasn’t touch until he was 20 yards or more down the pitch. I watched this game and I have never I mean never seen tackling as bad as it in my life. At one stage he ran through three Corn huskers and the most any of them could offer was a half-hearted arm tackle. I thought watching the game that if he stayed in for the fourth he could have broken 600 yards and that’s not exaggerating as the entire game after the first quarter seemed to be Nebraska three and out (1 of 10 on 3rd down) and Melvin Gordon big run, Melvin Gordon big run, Touchdown. I just hope he is not this good against Ohio State.

  • Todd Gurley has been one of my favourite players right from the very start as only the second college game I ever watch was the Dawgs lose to Clemson last year to start off the season and he just blew me away. A devastating combination of power and pace Gurley was star for Georgia and its really disappointing for it to likely end the way it did. A really hope he makes a full recovery from this injury and be star at the next level because I think he will be but you never know with knee injuries, just look at Marcus Lattimore. Lattimore, an All American at South Carolina tore his ACL and had to retire last week as it never healed well enough to be able to play at an NFL level. I think the best chance of a 1st round pick being used on a Running Back is gone as well with Gurley gone for a year likely. Its also disappointing for Georgia’s play-off hopes but hopeful Nick Chubb can help stead the ship and continue to play well. I wish Gurley all the best and hope he recovers.

  • To continue with Georgia a minute, what was that game against Florida? All Georgia had to do was to win out and it would have been in the play-off but no that was too much to ask of the Dawgs despite playing in the pretty torrid SEC East. Instead they went off and lost to a Florida team that completed only 3 passes but ran for 418 yards. How do you give 418 yards rushing to a team that clearly just cannot passes the ball? It simply isn’t good enough and this Bulldogs got found out because of it and now need Mizzou to lose a game before they could get to Atlanta let alone the play-offs.

  • I had the Miss State-Alabama game on in the background as I was watching the Wisconsin-Nebraska but turned over to it as the main game in the fourth after Wisconsin had benched Gordon and it was just a matter of seeing out the game. I have to say I wasn’t that impressed with the Tide but they got the job done and that’s what counts. They came big when it counted with Blake Sims getting some nice conversion with his legs when they need it and their defence being as dominant as ever. Alabama know control their own destiny in the SEC West but the Iron Bowl looms against an Auburn team that would love to play spoiler to the Tide’s play-off dreams.

  • Some weird stuff happened in Corvallis this weekend with #7 Arizona State falling to Oregon State. The Beavers were only 1-5 in the PAC-12 coming into the game but Corvallis is always a difficult place to travel to and now we are left with one less team in the play-off picture. Even if Arizona State had won, its most impressive win would have taken a hit with Notre Dame losing to Northwestern. Now Todd Gratham is free to do what he does best, move schools (Florida or Michigan anyone?)

  • On the whole Baylor/TCU and who should be ranked higher thing I feel the Big 12 should be let play out and one of them will prevail. Right now my leaning is towards TCU because with games against a real OK Oklahoma State team and a pretty good Kansas State team still to come for Baylor as well Bryce Petty not being a revelation or anything I just don’t see them getting to the play-offs. This will sound really hipster and an attempt to seem really avant garde but I did think big things could happen for TCU this year after watching them play last year particularly in the season opener against LSU in Cowboy’s stadium. Things didn’t really work out last season for them and I tempered my expectations after the Devonta Fields was kicked off the team pre-season but man have they been good. Only stopping them this far is the fact that their season was very front loaded and that will affect voters as we get into crunch time.


    Rakeem Cato has Marshall on an 11 game winning streak but they’re still unranked in the CFP poll

  • When is a Group of five team going to be ranked? There’s only so long you can put it off for and keeping a Minnesota team in 25th place after it lost its third game of the season over a Marshall team that is the ONLY UNDEFEATED TEAM IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY is frankly ridiculous in my eyes and I am beginning to suspect are they not going to rank group of five team so they get to an unhindered choice for the access spot. Even if they don’t like Marshall and its strength of schedule then surely Colorado State is worthy of a spot on the list with being ranked in both of the conventional polls and being the best team in the Mountain West. The Committee has got to get some respect for these teams and soon.

  • Notre Dame must be wishing that November never happened with three consecutive losses to go from #5 to unranked. The Florida State and Arizona State losses hurt but are reasonably ok but losing to Northwestern is different matter altogether especially with the way the collapsed in the game. Up by 11 after a Touchdown Brian Kelly decided to go for two rather the extra point and they blew it. With an 11 point lead all Northwestern needed was a TD with a 2 point conversion sand a FG rather than the two TDs they’d have needed if it they’d kicked the extra point. In true Notre Dame fashion this season the winning score came off a turnover.
  • Poor Will Muschamp. Even though he didn’t do a good job after that first season where the went to the Sugar Bowl he still deserved to be treated better than this. Pretty much a dead man walking since the start of the year the amount of abuse he has come in for is ridiculous to the point where the fans in his own stadiums were chanting “FIRE-MUS-CHAMP”. That win over Georgia must be sweet though and he might get an even better send off if he can beat Florida State in his final game

I’ll be back at the end of the month with the second half of the review of November when we’ll have a better view of how things are shaping up.


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