Panthers: too good to be true?

As I am a Panthers fan myself, I am all too aware that our wide receiving corps is below average. Last year we had household names at wide receiver in Steve Smith(who for some reason we decided to release), Brandon LaFell(went to the Patriots in FA) and Ted Ginn Jr.(left for Arizona during FA). LaFell’s absence leaves us with a lack of speed in our offence. Hell, all those WR’s absences leaves us with a lack of speed at our wide receiver position! But, in particular our punt returning and kick returning area. Ginn and LaFell were our main choices at that position. Who is going to fill that space? Because it sure isn’t going to be our 1st round pick Kelvin Benjamin who in my opinion was a reach in the first round. We could easily have picked him up mid second round. Anyway, with the departures of Ginn and LaFell the task shall fall upon Fozzy Whitaker our at best third choice Running Back who does have some experience from NCAA and filled the same role for the Browns last season after Travis Benjamin went down.

Cam Newton Ted Ginn Brandon LaFell

Cam Newton with FA departures Ted Ginn Jr.(no.11) and Brandon LaFell (no.19)

Another reason why I believe that our start was too good to be true is due to the cloud of confusion hanging around Cam Newton’s fitness and also our secondary’s strength. Cam played well enough in his opening game but did show some signs of sluggishness in the pocket and one or two of his decisions were quite questionable. I, like any other Panthers fan, hope that he gets back to full health and resumes last years form. In saying this, the way Derek Anderson against the Bucs I won’t be overly worried if (touchwood) Cam does get injured.

Now, as I said earlier our secondary has always been a weak point in an otherwise flawless defence. Roman Harper was a good FA for us to pick up as brings experience but at 31 years of age you begin to wonder is father time time beginning to catch up on him.(He followed me on Twitter by the way)

Roman Harper

Roman Harper squares up to Brandon Pettigrew in Sundays win over Detroit

Overall I believe the Panthers’ chances of making the playoffs are quite good (75% of teams that go 2-0 makes the playoffs).especially with the saints and the Buccaneers already two games behind us. My prediction for this year is we will have a divisional record of 3-3 and an overall record of 11-5 and we will at least get a wildcard spot


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