The LeBron Special

This usually is a football blog but if there is one guy who transcends NFL and all pro sports, it’s LeBron James. The single best player to play in NBA without a doubt, James was a somewhat polarizing figure during period in Miami after teaming up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh and scorning Cleveland in the process. After the decision to have the Decision tv special and not realizing the fallout, James lost a lot of respect because of the way he handled everything.


LeBron with Jim Gray four years on the Decision

Now four years later, James has a decision to make again. After four years and two titles in Miami, James has tested the waters again after opting out the final year of his contract. The King has taken his time and considered all of options although realistically it had to be Miami or Cleveland as any legacy LeBron wants to leave behind would be destroyed by joining a third team. At first many assumed that it would be to simply resign and get a longer contract with the Heat but the longer we heard nothing from James’ camp the more likely seems that LeBron isn’t resign as why would he delay if he returning.

Then yesterday the Cavs made themselves available by trading away Jarrett Jack, Sergey Kaserev, Tyler Zeller and a first round pick for cap space to fit a max contract. Once the news broke, Cleveland just lost it mind, for those who think Cleveland hasn’t bought into the idea of LeBron returning again couldn’t be more wrong. All day on Cleveland sports radio it’s been a case of not if but when he returns. The perfect Cinderella story has been painted, the return of the prodigal son to his hometown team after leaving. To those who think that the Cleveland fans wouldn’t welcome him back and that they all burned their jerseys, you couldn’t be more wrong. It was an absolutely tiny minority that burned jerseys and that wouldn’t welcome him back. Cleveland isn’t desperate for LeBron but rather ready. The balls in LeBron’s court now.


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