Power Ranking Starting QBs Part 3

We’re down to the final ten as we reach Part three of ranking the starting QBs in the NFL (10-1). Part one is available here and part two here

10. Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts)

The first pick in the 2011 draft and the heir to Peyton Manning’s throne in Indianapolis has lived up to expectations and lead the Colts to the playoffs in his first two years in the league. Hyped up as once in a generation prospect coming out of Stanford he has rejuvenated a Colts team that went 2-14 the previous year and threw 23 TDs and rushed for another 5. His numbers continued to improve as he halved the number of interceptions he threw and lead the league in 4th quarter comebacks. Luck is a true leader and this was highlighted in the Colts playoff win against the Chiefs where Luck led them from 28 points down to win 45-44. The Colts truly were “Lucky” that they landed him back in 2011.


9. Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys)

A criminally underrated QB who is in the press for any little mistake he makes, Romo simply doesn’t get the recognition he deserves as a Franchise QB. So often you hear guys on ESPN, particularly Skip Bayless and on others on social media lambast him for his 4th quarter performance and call him a choker and conveniently leave out the fact that he has lead the most game winning drives over the last 4 years. To have Cowboy fans calling for Jerry Jones to draft Johnny Manziel when the have a QB when they have Tony Romo is just plain disrespectful.

8. Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears)

Jay Cutler is a talented QB who struggled a bit in recent years with injuries mainly due to the fact he is the most sacked QB over the last 5 years although his O-Line did improve a lot with Free Agent Jerome Bushrod and Rookies. Although Cutler hasn’t fully maximized his physical talents, he still remains a game changer as illustrated with the $100m contract gave him at the start of last season.

7. Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers)

A two time Superbowl winner with the Steelers, Roethlisberger may have quietly had the best career of the 2004 draft class and despite owing a lot to the dominant defenses. A strong presence under center at 6ft 5in and with enough movement to be able to escape the pocket and extend a play, Roethlisberger looks the kind of QB a coach describes when he talks of his perfect QB. The only thing stopping him from being higher on this list is the fact he has only thrown 30+once in his career and the problems he had adjusting to Todd Haley’s scheme last year.

6. Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)

The third pick back in 2008 has lived to his billings as Atlanta’s franchise cornerstone as it moved on from the Michael Vick scandal but remains criminally underrated. Ryan has been consistently good as well, having thrown for atleast 26 TDs in each of the last four years and the only who can top that record is Drew Brees. Ryan will be hoping to rebound from a rough year last year in which his leading receiver, Left Tackle and Running Back were all injured (Julio Jones, Sam Baker and Steven Jackson) and return to NFC Championship game and the 13-3 of two years ago.

5. Tom Brady (New England Patriots)

Although not up to his usual Hall Of Fame standards, Brady still played to a high level in 2013 leading the Patriots to the AFC Championship game against the Broncos. This was done without his top four receivers from the previous season for most of the season (Wes Welker(Free Agency), Rob Gronkowski(injury), Aaron Hernandez(Arrested) and Danny Woodhead(Free Agency)). With a supporting cast of Julian Edelman, Aaron Dobson and Kendrall Tompkins and along with the legendary Bill Bilichick, the Patriots earned their way to a 12-4 record and dominated the AFC East once again. The talk this off-season about Brady no longer being a top 5 QB is ridiculous premature given all New England’s injury woes last season and he should it store for a strong rebound season with such a large chip in his shoulder.

4. Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers)

After a rough 2012 and finally rid of Norv Turner’s pass happy, River rebounded right back to his usual Probowl self throwing 31 TDs in first year in Mike McCoy and Ken Whisenhunt scheme and leading the Chargers to the playoffs. There they upset the Bengals in the first round before falling to Broncos in second round. This was all with rookie Keenan Allen and aging HOF TE Antonio Gates as his main receivers. I would expect Rivers to regress slightly this year but he’ll still remain a dominant QB for some time to come.

3. Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints)

A San Diego reject, Brees has managed to resurrect his career in New Orleans and has turned into a sure Hall Of Gamer. Much of this has to do with the almost telepathic connection between Brees and HC Sean Payton, who after all these years together are always on the same page. Brees who despite the concerns about his coming into the NFL has thrived and is the master of the spread offense down in the big Easy, using to win a Superbowl back in 2011. Although not quite as dominant anymore, Drew Brees still is good enough to earn the number 3 on this list.

2. Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers)

Despite only playing only 9 games last year, Rodgers showed why he was so valuable to Green Bay. After Rodgers got injured in week 9 vs Chicago the Packers went from elite to one of the league’s worst going 2-5-1 until Rodgers returned in week 17 and lead the Packers to a win and the division title. This is all while throwing 17 TDs in 8 games and with two of his best receivers in James Jones and Randall Cobb gone for the year due to injury and with TE Jermicheal Finley struggling with concussions.

1. Peyton Manning (Denver Broncos)

I don’t think there is much debate here, with Manning breaking the record for TD passes and claiming a fourth NFL MVP trophy. Manning just continues to do what he does year after year, Manning dominates in a way in which no other QB comes close, homework and presnap reads/audibles including the famous “Omaha” call through last year’s playoff run. Manning is somehow improving with age as he had his best season yet despite not having the same arm strength after his neck surgery. For those who say he is a choker and point to this year’s Superbowl as example, I would say that if you went back and looked at the tape you’d find that it was the matchup of Seattle Offense on Denver’s defense that made the difference, with the Broncos just not able to get a stop.

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