Could the Browns select Mike Evans at #4?

When the Browns select at #4 many expect that Clemson’s Sammy Watkins will have already been taken off the board or that he would be selected by the Browns if available but if he weren’t would the Browns be willing to take Mike Evans. One of the positions the Browns seem to want to upgrade is the second wide receiver behind Josh Gordon. Although Josh Gordon lead the league in receiving yards the supporting cast behind was a real problem with Greg Little and Devone Bess both regressing badly. Greg Little really went back not even reaching 500 receiving yards and not proving to be a reliable number two and Bess who was brought in to be an experienced third down receiver but issues with drops and mental issues that caused him to be suspended for the final two games and eventually forced his release from the team. Deep threat Travis Benjamin is due to be back for training camp after missing 11 games last season after a torn ACL against Buffalo and is expect to contribute more although it is likely he will be eased in rather than start straight away. This has caused the Browns to stock up on wide receivers in an effort to improve an offense that struggled with bad quarterback play from Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell and a poor rushing attack from Willis McGahee. The Browns have already signed the experienced Nate Burleson and slot receiver Anthony Hawkins during Free Agency but still want to get an upgrade in the draft. Cleveland’s Positional Coaches seem to want Watkins and Head Coach Mike Pettine and Owner Jimmy Haslam seem to be leaning towards Johnny Manziel but what if they went in a different direction and choose Manziel’s teammate Mike Evans.


Evans playing against Sam Houston State this year

Evans was an elite receiver and took the SEC by storm last year in an explosive A&M offense and came to national attention after exploding to the tune of 279 yards and a TD against defending champions Alabama in College Station. He broke his receiving record against Auburn later in the season with 287 yards and 4TDs. With a jaw-dropping combination of height and speed 6’5” and 4.53 40 has all the foundations to be a truly elite receiver in the NFL. With Josh Gordon on one side it would leave Evans with plenty of space to operate in on the other side and would be a big target for a rookie QB should the Browns draft one. He would be a big threat in the red zone as well with his height and the opposition already having to worry about Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron and would be a big threat with his height and would help Cleveland improve in a statistic which they really struggled last year. The extra room that having Gordon, Evans and Cameron on the pitch would leave extra space for Ben Tate to run into as the defence couldn’t afford to stack the box against three such talent receivers and not expect to get burnt with all the Play Action that Kyle Shanahan is expected to run. If Johnny Manziel is selected as well it would give him a nice safety net and a sense of familiarity. Though selecting Evans at #4 would be a sensible option it would be a bit of a reach and the Browns may look at trading back a few spaces with someone like Atlanta or Minnesota and still grab Evans and get some extra picks while still getting who they wanted all along. While the Browns may not end up drafting Mike Evans if they did it would an intriguing prospect.

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