Alex Mack to sign tender deal with Jaguars

News broke today that Alex Mack is likely to sign a tender with the Jaguars Friday with it likely including a ridiculously large amount in guaranteed money for next year. He would be turned into a signing bonus if he was Jacksonville but he would not do the same in Cleveland. The idea is too create a salary Cleveland just can’t match but within the confines of the CBA. While nothing could be said about the meetings now about any restructuring it doesn’t mean both sides aren’t clearly aware of what’s going on. The idea had been floated earlier in the day in brilliant article on CBS Sports by Jason La Confora (here).


With the tender offer Cleveland have five days to match it or lose his and receive no compensation. Cleveland may hold call Macks and use the extra year to renegotiate with him on restructuring his deal. If Cleveland had used the Franchise tag instead of the Transition tag all this could have been avoided for the sake of $1m more. While it may seem crazy to pay a center that much(especially with De La Puente and Goodwin bargain replacements with little dropoff) he was the consensus All Pro and Probowler. He was a clear step above everyone else when it came to pass protection and strong in the run game as well. It also seems to be a damming inducement of the Browns as an organization that someone is that desperate to leave although it is better than this


Brandon Spikes on time with New England

Update the Browns announced they’d match the Jaguars offer

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