Gary Kubiak at OC?

Gary Kubiak is expected by many to be named as the Offensive Co-ordinator of the Browns by new Head Coach Mike Pettine and GM Mike Lombardi. This could work well for the Browns as there have been reports that the Browns were going to try and sign soon to be free agent RB Ben Tate from as far back as October. This could be helped by the fact that he would be re-united with his former Texans coach. He seems to be destined to test free agency as he has said he no longer wants to be Arian Foster backup.

gary kubiak    ben tate

Johny Manziel is the favourite to be drafted by Cleveland and with Gary Kubiak’s system heavily reliant on stretch runs and play-action bootlegs it would be really suit Manziel unique talents as he would have the option to tuck and run if struggles to find someone open and have more room than in a traditional pocket. It would help that if he had a running back in Ben Tate who would know the system and help him to adapt.

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